Gem to do the pending Migrations

  • we all are facing some issue with when starting the development Server with pending migration.
  • If there are any pending migrations, there is no issue to start our development server. also We donot know any pending migrations present or not.
  • when we take any pages, then it shows Migrations pending.
  • sometimes it shows some variable is null.
  • to solve this issue, we need to use penmig gem.
  • Here is the url.


add this gem to development Group. 2


bundle install



generate the template file using command rails g penmig



thats all, when we take Pull and start our developement Server, it will do any pending migration, then only starts our Dev Server.


  • suggestions are welcome.
  • in the next update, will come up with a logic of automatically do the migration and thus no need to resart our server when our DEV server is already started.

Note: will migrate the pending migration only  when we take pull and starts our DEV Server.


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